Convert Website to Mobile Friendly To Create a Mobile App from Website (2023)

Convert Website to Mobile Friendly To Create a Mobile App from Website (1)

One of the most rapidly growing trends today has to deal with website URL templates being created and used to convert websites to mobile sites. more and more individuals are beginning to convert their websites into mobile apps to gain their share of the business mobile sector. While this can be a great benefit for businesses to market their brand when done correctly, it can also rapidly transform that positive into a negative.

When it comes down to it, the most integral aspect of a marketing campaign is its quality. For apps, especially when the content has not been viewed by the prospective user yet, they will view the download and preview page of the app to get a hang of it. The screenshots provided concerning the app will be the litmus test and if your app does not show high quality, it is unlikely then that the user will download it.

One of the most prevalent issues isn’t actually down to the image, what it is down to, is the content. This is because numerous people fail to successfully convert a website to a mobile-friendly before an app is then created. Quite a lot of app makers tend to make this mistake as well. Apps are first developed from URLs that have not been optimized for mobile, so, therefore, they fail woefully when displayed on a mobile device. Thankfully, there is a way to ensure you successfully convert a website to a mobile site, whilst still meeting the standards set by mobile device operating system developers. Developing a mobile app straight from a website link is an integral aspect of marketing, one that we aim to show you how to correctly do. However, you first have to understand what a mobile website is

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What is a Mobile Website?

What a mobile website is, is simply a site that has been carefully optimized so as to be suitable for viewing on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. What this simply means is that when a user enters your website address into a mobile browser, they are directed to a converted page which shows the site in a clean manner on mobile. This URL style is what you will have to utilize when developing a website app.

Is it possible to develop a mobile site app without having to convert a website to a mobile-friendly one?

Yes, it is possible. However, just because it is possible to develop an app without having to convert a website to a mobile site does not mean it should be advised. This is because the resulting website might not be easy to navigate or easy to read on a mobile device. It is for this reason that we always ensure that you convert a website to a mobile-friendly one.

How can a website be optimized for mobile?

There are several online tools available such as imcreator, Wirenode, and Onbile to enable you to convert websites to mobile sites from scratch. Thankfully, every one of these tools is easy to use and quite popular.

Imcreator for instance enables you to select a mobile-optimized template when developing your site from scratch. This can actually be the most seamless of options as you develop a mobile-optimized website and a desktop website simultaneously.

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Wirenode on the other hand is the most suitable choice for SMEs. You can gain access to a free version that provides easy ways to develop a webpage. Whilst Wirenode is suitable for SMEs, there are large corporations that have utilized Wirenode in creating their mobile websites.

To get the very best from your site app, you must make sure your link has been optimized for mobile. To be sure that your website is optimized for mobile, take the time to develop two applications, one using a mobile-optimized website, the other without, to see which one looks clean and is the most preferred.

It can be simple and simple enough to state that you desire to develop a mobile app, whilst having the most attractive website to use as a source. Thankfully, some tools can be utilized to help convert websites to mobile-friendly websites.

Why is a mobile-friendly site important?

In this ever-increasingly connected world, we find ourselves in today, having a website is simply the bare minimum. You need to also have a mobile-friendly website. Statistics have shown that the largest traffic to websites today are derived from mobile devices. This means that more people are going online using their phone, tablet, or any other mobile device compared to their computers. It is for this reason that any business that doesn’t leverage this opportunity by creating a mobile-friendly site, loses out on a substantial portion of the traffic. This loss of traffic could have adverse effects on that business’s bottom line.

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How to convert website to mobile site?

In order to convert the site to a mobile-friendly site, there are a couple of options you can utilize:

1. Utilize conversion platforms

There are quite a number of wonderful conversion platform which can be used to simplify the conversion process. They include Duda Mobile and bMobilised. This method of conversion can be a seamless option; however, you will be required to have two different versions of your site which can be quite confusing to your visitors.

2. Make use of plugins

This is perhaps the most prevalent way to develop mobile-optimized websites. A mobile plug-in tends to work for websites like WordPress. With this method, you do not have to use 2 sites. Additionally, it will ensure that your site when viewed on a mobile browser would be the mobile-optimized version.

3. Develop a mobile-first responsive design website

This option is perhaps the most costly of the options highlighted. It will also require you to create the entirety of your website using a mobile responsive design. redeveloping a website might not be something every site owner can afford initially, and it is for that reason the very first two methods serve as decent temporary buffers.

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Benefits of a mobile-optimized website

1. Improved User Experience

There is nothing quite as frustrating as getting a link in an email or text, opening it using your mobile device only to get presented with an unorganized head of garbage. Seeing this when you first open the page can really destroy any chance of that business or site converting a visitor into a customer. If a user finds it difficult to browse through a site and reads its content using a mobile browser, they are bound to leave uninspired.

2. Increased Average Site Time

Just as with everything else existing online, time is precious. Businesses have just a little bit of time to gain a site visitor’s attention. This is more often than not the case when it comes to visitors using mobile devices. This has to do with the fact that they are typically on the move when visiting your site. If your site user is able to seamlessly navigate your site, with your content written in a mobile-friendly manner, you, therefore, increase your chances of converting that visitor into a customer.

3. Increased Loading Times

Speed is an integral aspect of websites. Typically, a website that has not been optimized for mobile browsers will load and render quite slowly on mobile devices. There are even scenarios where it might not load at all. For you to leverage the mobile traffic, your mobile-optimized site should load faster, given that your code is likely to be structured using a profile that is compatible with mobile devices.

4. Increased Mobile SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a website. In this case, Google rules the roost as sites have to take into account what the search engine giant recommends. At this moment, it is recommended that sites are mobile responsive and if this process is not possible, it is always better to create a unique link that strictly serves mobile users. Doing this increases the chances that your site ranks well in Google’s mobile SERPs.

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Last Updated on March 4th, 2021


How to convert your website into a user friendly mobile app? ›

How to Convert a Website into Mobile App
  1. Determine if you need a mobile app. ...
  2. Create a list of required features for your app. ...
  3. Hire a development team. ...
  4. Estimate app development costs. ...
  5. Create a user-friendly UX design. ...
  6. Test your app. ...
  7. Submit your app to the App Store.
Nov 10, 2021

How can I convert my website to mobile app for free? ›

Yes, you can convert any website into an app for Android and iOS. There are multiple companies offering such a service. One of those is webtoapp. design, who let you create an app from your site and then publish it in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How do I convert my desktop site to mobile? ›

Using Device Simulation in Chrome DevTools for Mobile View
  1. Open DevTools by pressing F12.
  2. Click on the “Device Toggle Toolbar” available. ( ...
  3. Choose a device you want to simulate from the iOS and Android devices list.
  4. Once the desired device is chosen, it displays the mobile view of the website.
Apr 22, 2023

How to convert HTML to mobile app? ›

Any App that made with HTML / JS / CSS that can work on your local device can be used as a stand alone App for Android & iOS. Just upload your project files under a zip file and hit the Make App button, the App Maker will add your files to a WebView App with all the Extra Features.

How do I convert HTML to mobile friendly? ›

  1. Implement a Responsive Layout.
  2. Optimize Website Speed.
  3. Subtle Pop-Up Implementation.
  4. Incorporate Viewport Meta tag.
  5. Declutter your Web Design.
  6. Always Test the Website on Real Mobile Devices.
  7. Update Content Carefully.
  8. Do not use Flash.
Dec 8, 2022

How can I make a free mobile app without coding? ›

You can use these five websites to build iOS and Android apps without knowing how to code.
  1. Appy Pie. While there's no shortage of no-code and low-code software building tools, only a few offer the simplicity and ease of use that AppyPie brings to the table. ...
  2. Thunkable. ...
  3. Adalo. ...
  4. BuildFire. ...
  5. AppMySite.
Jan 27, 2023

Can you save a website as an app? ›

Native Alpha is an open-source Android app that can turn any website into an Android app in seconds. Created by developer, Cyclonid, it uses the built-in Android WebView in order to display the website. For privacy reasons, you can use alternate webviews, like Bromite, on rooted devices.

Can a web app be a mobile app? ›

Indeed, web apps run on any modern device, so with it you potentially cover the biggest target audience possible. However, web apps have their own limitations: they can't support mobile-native features, they need the Internet at all times, and the more complicated they get, the slower they work in mobile browsers.

How do I make my website work on both mobile and desktop? ›

Here are some best practices to ensure your website is mobile-friendly.
  1. Develop a responsive layout. ...
  2. Optimize website speed. ...
  3. Compress images. ...
  4. Use HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash. ...
  5. Avoid pop-ups. ...
  6. Change button size and placement. ...
  7. Use a large and readable font. ...
  8. Space out links.
Nov 9, 2022

How do I use a website as an app? ›

The Google Play Store offers multiple apps that help convert websites into Android apps. One of the best-known apps for the purpose is Hermit, which offers a ton of features that allow users to not only create an app for any website, but also customize it to their heart's content.

How do I optimize my eCommerce website for mobile devices? ›

How to optimize your eCommerce store for mobile
  1. Create responsive, eye-catching website design. ...
  2. Ensure user-friendly navigation. ...
  3. Allow speedy website load times. ...
  4. Institute intuitive checkout processes. ...
  5. Show only optimized images and videos. ...
  6. Eliminate invasive pop-ups and ads. ...
  7. Reduce heavy content.
Jan 28, 2019

Can we create mobile app using HTML? ›

Most people ask that can you use HTML to make an app. Well, the simple answer to this is yes. Creating an application using coding is usually a different task. Whenever people plan to start their app development journey, they usually quit their plan because of the hassle they have to go through due to coding.

Are mobile apps built with HTML? ›

Native app development from the ground up necessitates particular technologies for both platforms. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are all that are required for a PWA.

Do you need HTML for mobile app development? ›

And during this time period technology has evolved a lot, now you don't need to have exceptional HTML and CSS coding skills to develop an app. There are hundreds and thousands of web and mobile app development companies that are active today and this number will keep on increasing with each day passing.

How do I make my website user friendly? ›

8 Ways to Make Your Website More User-Friendly
  1. Listen to Your Users.
  2. Speed It Up.
  3. Provide In-Depth Information.
  4. Make Navigation Intuitive.
  5. Choose Color Carefully.
  6. Improve Your Site Layout.
  7. Pay Attention to CTAs.
  8. Beef Up Your Contact Page.
Jun 21, 2018

Why is my website not mobile friendly? ›

A mobile-friendly site clearly shows what they need to see and do. Having image buttons or complex drop-down navigation doesn't work so well for mobile use. And any navigation that requires the user to scroll left to right is also a big no-no.


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