Top 10 Best YouTube Downloaders For Android Devices 2019 | VG (2023)

There is no denying that Android smartphones give their users a lot more control and versatility in almost every way. One way in which they do this is by using apps to download YouTube videos straight to your device for offline viewing. But what are the best YouTube downloaders for Android devices?

Top 10 Best YouTube Downloaders For Android Devices 2019 | VG (1)

Before I get stuck into my list, here are some great benefits of using a YouTube downloader for your Android smartphone or tablet.

  • View videos offline: One of the best uses for using a downloader is that you can save videos on your device for online viewing. I usually do this before I got on a long flight or if I know I’ll be in an out-of-service or Wi-Fi zone.
  • Slow internet speeds:Watching stuttering videos on YouTube is extremely aggravating, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. By utilizing a downloader app, you can select the videos you want to download then come back when they are ready to watch.
  • Back up your own videos:If you forgot to backup your own videos after uploading to YouTube, not all is lost. You can still download your own content for peace of mind. You can also check out my guide here on the best desktop YouTube downloaders.
  • Re-watch content without paying: Not everyone can have an uncapped internet connection at their disposal. If you’re one of the many who rely on a small data package for all of your online activities, then you’ll likely benefit the most from a downloader app. You only need to use data once to download the content.

Disclaimer:You should only download videos from YouTube when you have permission from the creator/copyright owner of the video. ReadingYouTube’s terms of servicenotes that downloading content without permission is strictly prohibited. This article is for informational purposes only.

Top 10 Best YouTube Downloaders For Android Devices

YouTube downloaders for Android devices are usually pretty simple in features compared to desktop downloaders, but even these simpler apps can still offer you great functionality. Simpler downloaders won’t offer you too many settings or adjustments to choose from.

On the other hand, advanced Android downloaders can enable you to select different file formats, control the download speed, select the video resolution, or compress the file size.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best Android device downloaders to consider if you want to download quality videos in no time.

1. Videoder

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Videoder is an extremely simple yet fully functional Video Downloader App. It may not be available on the Play Store, but rest assured as its completely free. It can be downloaded from the developer’s own website. Some of the main features that make this app one of the best YouTube downloaders for Android include:

  • Allows users to open YouTube within the App.
  • Has the ability to convert the video file into mp3 format directly.
  • Highly fluid UI, packing different themes.


First, and foremost, the app is completely free. The built-in video player is solid and doesn’t bog down. In addition to YouTube, the downloader can handle websites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. This is a big plus, and a one-size-fits-all solution.


The app does carry the curse that almost every free Android app has over its head: Advertisements. The downloader doesn’t have in-app purchases but contains ads, which can be removed, for a little price!

2. Instube YouTube Downloader

Top 10 Best YouTube Downloaders For Android Devices 2019 | VG (3)

Free, Fast and Private, Instube is surely one of the cleanest and user friendly Android App on the market. The app is available on the developer’s website, and offers a number of features to fulfill the disparate demands of netizens. Features include:

  • Optimized to provide the highest download speeds.
  • Slick UI for managing your downloads in one place.
  • Supports HD, Full HD or 4K resolutions.


Instube supports all types of audio and video formats including MP3, MP4, 3GP and M4A, utilizing your internet bandwidth’s true capability. The app guarantees your privacy with an in-built video lock where you can save your videos & music. In total, the downloader supports over 40+ websites, with more being added weekly.


Ads are included within the app as its free, and you can’t buy your way out of them. Sometimes they may get too annoying, popping up as full screen, whilst you’re using the app.

3. TubeMate

Top 10 Best YouTube Downloaders For Android Devices 2019 | VG (4)

Apart from the Ads blast, TubeMate is a wonderful YouTube Downloader App. All you need to do is pick your desired video from the app’s own browser, select the resolution, and you’ll be good to go.

  • If required, you can make an MP3 conversion in no time.
  • The downloaded videos are stored in your phone’s memory.
  • Supports multiple video sharing sites.


The app has a built-in browser from where you can access whichever video sharing site you want. Any novice user can get started within a few minutes, as the interface is quite smooth. Furthermore, you can share videos’ links from the YouTube app directly to TubeMate, if you’re ever in a hurry.


Users seem to have a problem with bleeping ads, which can be a mood-killer for many!

4. KeepVid

Top 10 Best YouTube Downloaders For Android Devices 2019 | VG (5)

The app is available in two versions, free and premium. If it really turns that you enjoy using this App, I would recommend you buy the premium version for the extra features and settings. You can launch YouTube within the app, select the video, tap on the download button, and before you know it you’ll have the video available offline.

  • Downloads HD and 4K videos.
  • Offers MP3 conversion without an external plug-in.
  • Supports more than 10,000 video-sharing websites.


The list of websites supported by this app is truly exhaustive, meaning you’ll very well never need another video downloading app. In addition to MP3 conversion, the app can convert online as well as local videos to 150+ different formats. Thanks to multi-thread technology, KeepVid can download at greater speed (3X) compared to other apps in the market, but this comes at a price.


Much of the functionality is limited in the free version, and whenever you try to truly utilize the app’s potential you’ll be prompted to buy the free version. For instance, the converter will only output files to 1/3rd of the video’s length; to go any further, you’ll have to buy the premium version.

5. EasyTube

Top 10 Best YouTube Downloaders For Android Devices 2019 | VG (6)

The app has been around for quite some time now, and has been considered one of the best YouTube downloaders apps since the time Android gained popularity. The UI is friendly, though it may not be sparkly as some might want it to be. But, the app is completely free.

  • Built-in search option allows you to look for movies, videos and music.
  • File format compatibility is comprehensive
  • The app is backward compatible with primitive smartphones


The download speed provided by the app is quite consistent, something that’s an issue with other downloaders. The format is perfect for people who envy simplicity rather than too much on the design. The app can also download audio tracks from YouTube.


The app is what it is: a downloader. It doesn’t go out of its way to offer lengthy conversions. Moreover, for some people, the app’s interface may be too dull and colorless.

6. SnapTube

Top 10 Best YouTube Downloaders For Android Devices 2019 | VG (7)

SnapTube is a very progressively designed YouTube downloader app. The user interface is organized in a way that you’ll be downloading videos within seconds, arranging the most popular sites on the main screen.

  • YouTube search can be performed directly.
  • Quality of the video can be chosen, as well as the format.
  • The videos can be organized from within the app.


Using the app has a very smooth feel to it. Videos can be searched for and downloaded within seconds, without constant bombardment from advertisements. The interface is arranged into 11 subcategories and sections, including one for daily recommendations.


YouTube downloads are restricted from within the USA and China.

7. VidMate

Top 10 Best YouTube Downloaders For Android Devices 2019 | VG (8)

If there was a competition between interfaces, VidMate would definitely be up the list of the best YouTube downloaders for Android. In addition to YouTube, the app has a neatly arranged grid/section of video-sharing websites, from which videos can be downloaded.

  • The app is reliable and doesn’t crash whilst downloading.
  • Lower quality settings can be chosen to save memory.
  • The videos are stored within the virtual library, cleanly organized by download date, etc.


Even though the app provides a consistent & fast downloading speed, you can customize the rate for yourself. This feature is handy, especially if you’re on shared internet, but love to download! The app has a video and music player within itself, and an encrypted space to keep your stuff private as well!


As you may have guessed, all such wonderful features come at the cost of bearing with advertisements.

8. NewPipe

Top 10 Best YouTube Downloaders For Android Devices 2019 | VG (9)

Definitely, a contender in the best YouTube downloaders for Android list, the app aims to streamline the downloading experience, minus the ads! You can search for videos within the app. Once found, you can download them, and change the filename as well.

  • The application is an open-source one with a similar-to-YouTube interface.
  • The app isn’t heavy on your phone’s resources.
  • No user data is saved or sent to web servers for analysis.


Apart from the customizability in terms of resolution and file type, the app lets you play videos in the background. Other cool features include video pop-up mode and multiple themes, so it’s a win-win for neat-freaks. The app doesn’t offer any in-app purchases or any ads, freeing you up of the annoying exercise to put up with interruptions.


The downloader’s functionalities are limited to YouTube.

9. WonTube

Top 10 Best YouTube Downloaders For Android Devices 2019 | VG (10)

WonTube has made it to our best YouTube downloaders for Android list because of the speed it can conjure from within your internet. The interface is average; however, the functionality is very satisfying. You can download videos with by just a few taps. The app doesn’t skip on any of the good stuff, letting you organize your downloads, while selecting whichever quality you want.


The app is free, and doesn’t trouble the user with a lot of advertisements. It works perfectly with all devices, especially older ones, and is not at all resource-stringent.


The interface would have to be a point of disagreement. While it may be light on the resources, it isn’t exactly eye-candy, and a turn-off for people who hate inconsistent fonts and color schemes.

10. YT3 YouTube Downloader

The downloader has been built for one purpose only: to download YouTube videos. The user-interface is well-designed and easy to operate. Features include:

  • In-built search.
  • Preview button to make sure you have the right video
  • MP3 and MP4 formats supported


Everything you download will go into a manageable, pre-defined Download folder. The list of videos is very neat, giving you a complete picture of your downloads. Like many other apps, you can share a video from the main YouTube app to the YT3 downloader, to download it.


The app doesn’t work with any other video-sharing website, and is strictly developed to crave the YouTuber within you!

The Best Video Features to Look Out For

These are all fantastic video downloading apps to get for your Android device, but how do you choose the right one?

Focusing on the most critical features you need for your downloads can help you weed out the downloaders you don’t need. Here’s a quick look at some features that might make it easier to get the quality video downloads you’re looking for.

Popular Video Formats

MP3 and MP4 format are file formats that function well on most mobile devices, as well as desktop computers. It’s best to find a downloader that supports both of these file formats so you can easily share content with others, or to different platforms for easy viewing.

Video Compress Function

The memory and storage of mobile devices are pretty impressive, but they aren’t quite large enough to support huge video files. Video downloading apps that can compress video file sizes are preferable for Android devices so you can store more content without running out of space or affecting your device’s functionality and performance.

Built-in Search

Plenty of video downloaders require you to enter or paste the video URL into a search bar before the download can begin. This can be annoying if you’re downloading several different videos.

Downloading apps with a built-in search bar can be much easier to use because you can locate your favorite videos with ease and simply hit the download button without switching between apps or copying any URLs.

Multi-Website Functionality

YouTube is the most popular streaming channel in the world, but you might want to download content from some other streaming site or source. Downloaders that can convert HD videos and audio files from other websites. Platforms can be more functional in this case because you can download from practically any site you want.

Load Quality Functions

If you’re limited on data or device space, then it’s best to look for an app that allows you to select the load quality. If you can choose between HD, Full HD, or 4K resolutions, you can save a lot of money on data and get your downloads completed much quicker. Quality apps will give you excellent video quality despite downloading your file at a lower resolution.

Final Thoughts

Well, that wraps up my round-up list for some great Android Apps that allow you to take your YouTube videos on the go. If I have missed anything or if you feel I should add another App, please let me know so I can update the list!

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