Uncovering the Untold Stories of Homelessness: A Deep Dive into the Zwermelingen Podcast (2023)

In the heart of Venlo's enchanting forest, a powerful narrative unfolds through Naomi Steijger's groundbreaking podcast, Zwermelingen. With its recent accolade as "perhaps the best Dutch podcast of the year" by NRC, Steijger's four-part series has captivated audiences, shedding light on the lives of transient individuals and the profound, often overlooked, struggles they face.

The Intriguing Discovery

Sander Schattefor, a local resident and frequent forest wanderer, becomes an unexpected protagonist in this tale. His findings of a carefully packaged, seemingly forgotten collection of personal items ignite a quest for identity and belonging. The package, an unintentional time capsule, beckons to be unraveled. A diary, photographs, and a pocket-sized Polish Bible paint a vivid picture of a middle-aged woman's life marred by aggression, alcoholism, and unemployment.

The Unveiling of Painful Realities

As the podcast team translates the diary, the stark realities of a life filled with hardship and despair surface. Naomi Steijger grapples with ethical dilemmas, questioning the right to expose such intimate details. The podcast becomes a journey into the lives of "draaideurdaklozen" – those whose swift descent into homelessness follows the abrupt loss of employment in massive distribution centers nearby.

Navigating Ethical Crossroads

In one episode, Steijger explores the moral conundrum of sharing deeply personal narratives. The podcast forces us to confront uncomfortable questions: Do these voices deserve to be heard, or do they seek refuge in anonymity? Is there a right to remain unseen? These ethical quandaries add layers of complexity to the storytelling, pushing boundaries while advocating for the unheard.

The Unique Connection with the Homeless

The podcast’s authenticity is amplified by Sander Schattefor's encounters with the homeless. His raw, unscripted interactions, captured with a phone's dictaphone, reveal genuine moments of vulnerability. In one poignant scene, Schattefor, armed with compassion, knocks on a tent in the forest, inquiring about the well-being of its inhabitant. These unfiltered exchanges create a profound sense of intimacy, a key element that sets Zwermelingen apart.

Bridging the Gap with Translations

Language barriers dissolve as Steijger leverages translations to connect with the diverse group of individuals living on the fringes. The podcast introduces us to Paulina, who battles with invisibility in the Netherlands, a sentiment shared by many. Sander's role as a bridge between worlds allows for unique, unfiltered storytelling that challenges preconceptions.

The Podcast's Impactful Moments

Zwermelingen's narrative crescendos with moments of profound impact, such as the return of a plastic envelope containing love letters to a Polish individual. The tangible sound of the envelope cracking under the recipient's touch speaks volumes about the potency of audio storytelling. Through active listening, the audience gains a renewed perspective on timeless issues like homelessness.

The Unique Challenges of Production

While the production faced challenges, including imperfect recordings due to the unpredictable nature of the subjects, the extensive hours invested in capturing raw, unscripted moments ultimately allowed for a deeper connection with the forest's inhabitants. The meticulous editing process transformed these fragments into a compelling story that resonates on a universal level.


Zwermelingen stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in shedding light on the hidden narratives of the homeless. Naomi Steijger's dedication to amplifying the voices of the marginalized, coupled with Sander Schattefor's unfiltered interactions, creates a narrative tapestry that challenges perceptions and fosters empathy. As the podcast unfolds, it beckons us to reconsider our preconceptions and confront the uncomfortable truths surrounding homelessness. Dive into the immersive world of Zwermelingen, where the forest not only speaks but compels us to listen.

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