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A creator or professional user on TikTok needs to understand the meaning of “Personal Profile” on the Analytics page. It can provide key insight into your brand’s widespread on the platform.

TikTok, like any social media platform, is rapidly gaining recognition as a unique and essential tool for expanding a professional brand.

With a Pro account, users can access various features to promote monetized content and off-site goods or services to the platform’s community.

One of the essential qualities of any promotion should be the promoter’s ability to view its effectiveness.

The Analytics feature exclusive to Pro accounts gives users metrics and insight into the online traffic on their content within the past seven days or 28 days.

Demographic details and viewership trajectory can help creators better understand how to reach an audience.

Unfortunately, some metrics in Analytics may be considered ambiguously labeled for some users.

It is essential to understand what exactly is being analyzed if you want to put the most into your Pro TikTok account and professional brand at large.

One of the most important labels you need to understand is “Personal Profile.”

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What Does Personal Profile Mean on TikTok Analytics?

The “Personal Profile” section at the top of your Analytics page refers to the number of unfollowed people who viewed your content through your profile page.

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That means people who went out of their way to track down your profile without already following you or you following them.

Moreover, the statistic refers to profile traffic that was not through a video you created showing up in the visitor’s “For You” suggestions.

The metric is a more specific alternative to the Profile Views metric. It essentially presumes third-party referral.

The visitor may have seen your TikTok through word-of-mouth or your content on another platform.

Personal Profile could be one of the most important reflections of your brand’s projected trajectory on TikTok and exposure in general.

Despite the confusing terminology, which some users may suspect refers to a more casual profile linked to a Pro counterpart, Personal Profile, suggests the platform’s interest in expanding your product beyond its bounds.

Especially if you are a professional influencer with monetized content, increased traffic for your profile means increased traffic for TikTok.

If you are legitimately interested in investing in TikTok as a promotional tool, pay particular attention to the Personal Profile metric to get a hint of your brand’s exposure and possible expansion.

It can be especially beneficial if you wonder how to make the brand more appealing.

How to Get More Personal Profile Views

The key to getting more Personal Profile views on TikTok is increasing your exposure and retaining your audience or consumers.

For any genuinely professional entrepreneur, that mostly means exposure outside the platform.

Keep up with good business practices in the digital age. Establish a brand on as many business and social media platforms as possible, with regular reminders to visit and follow your TikTok account.

To accumulate a following on a particular profile, you will have to put in the work.

Do not simply update your TikTok profile with content to maintain a following. Try to think of content with unique appeal and brand insight rather than repost or link the same material you have on other platforms.

Why put so much effort into creating different content on a casual platform like TikTok?

Again, the trajectory of your Personal Profile views can be a valuable indicator of your brand’s appeal to consumers who are not already fans. This can be very good to know as you promote yourself elsewhere.

Earn your following with videos that are as engaging as any on TikTok while staying true to the aesthetic and mission of your brand as an entrepreneur or influencer.

Of course, many visitors to your profile may be reluctant to follow. The next step from the growth of Personal Profile views is the growth of Followers, which demands audience retention.

Create a Series

A Pro account pro tip for growing Personal Profile views is to entice audiences to keep coming back.

Develop a series of thematically connected videos you post regularly for loyal followers and curious visitors.

You may have a relevant story or subject too exciting to cover in a single video fully.

If you want to prove the credibility of your services, make a series of tutorials or showcases of your products.

As a professional video creator, you have likely already put a lot of thought into an overarching theme or aesthetic to keep audiences compelled. Find a way to evolve on that.

Of course, establishing a recurring audience could distort your Personal Profile counts with consumers already familiar with your content series.

It may not be long before they become official followers who are no longer accounted for by the metric.

Consider embedding one of your video installments on a different platform to encourage visitors to follow their curiosity to your TikTok page for similar content.

TikTok allows you to repost content on your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms via the Share button.

Create a Part 2 to a Video

Again, professional content creators and influencers should always focus on extending their content.

If you have an off-TikTok service and little time to focus on your social media brand, a two-part video should suffice to get your profile’s attention.

Share a video that ends on a cliffhanger and invites viewers to find the follow-up, among other videos, on your TikTok.

Try to develop some narrative progression from one video to another.

If you are embedding content to direct viewers to your TikTok, build it around an introduction of your services, then elaborate in the follow-up video on the platform.

Although profile views based on video suggestions are not accounted for in Personal Profile views, create your initial video with consideration for people who find it on the “For You” section of TikTok.

Keep the video concise and exciting, with occasional foreshadowing to the cliffhanger that the second video resolves.

Note: You can pay to broadcast and boost your content in suggestions with TikTok Promotion.

Create the Same Type of Content

You can further endear an audience to your Pro TikTok profile with consistent content. You may interpret this as being true to yourself or attentive to popular trends.

What that does mean, mind you, is adhering to the same type of material and aesthetic through your videos. Be creative and versatile in your video ideas to keep fans and casual audiences interested in the long term.

At the same time, maintain consistent stylistic and writing motifs to bring audiences in on your brand.

If making a video series, elaborate on your central idea instead of simply recycling points or dramatically changing topics.

Although you may be eager to make your brand as unique as possible, don’t be afraid to take a few topical notes from popular content relevant to yours. Be careful not to rip off a fellow creator completely.

Keeping up with viral stylistic and storytelling trends on TikTok can help expand your brand on the platform.

Using similar topics and hashtags can directly promote your videos to users who have shown an interest in the kind of content you make.

Post More

If you aim to grow your TikTok profile views, you must put in the time and effort to post content regularly.

Professional creators on TikTok should feel personally obligated to make more than one video a week, depending on the complexity of their creations.

If your Pro TikTok account is simply an extension of your business or services, you may contend with only occasionally updating your feed.

There’s nothing wrong with that approach if you have a solid enough following outside the platform.

Of course, the drive of any TikTok account is to create consistent content or face becoming irrelevant in the vast and fast-paced community.

Inactivity can negatively affect your brand and income if you are an influencer with monetized content.

At the same time, don’t post as much content as you can as often as you can. Your audience could become overwhelmed, and your work could suffer.

Decide on a fair and regular post schedule relative to when you can create your content.

This policy can help you properly formulate video ideas and their execution. Again, be sure to stick to the schedule so that your audience can keep up.

If you already have ample ideas for videos, go ahead and make them as drafts to be posted on the schedule.

Pro accounts also have access to the Video Scheduler feature in your draft’s final post prompt, automatically publishing a post at a specific time designated by the creator.

Keep in mind that the Video Scheduler is only available on the desktop version of the TikTok website and that TikTok video drafts are not directly transferable between devices linked to your account.

How to Go Pro

Aside from Analytics and a few other features, Pro accounts aren’t that distinct from personal accounts.

They nonetheless expect professionalism and reverence for a user who creates content for brand growth.

A Pro user can choose between being a “Business” or a “Creator.” The latter may be eligible for the TikTok Creator Fund, which allows popular users to get paid for their content.

Keep in mind that Pro profiles are inherently public. If you are a creator anticipating going Pro at some point, be willing to make your account public to begin expanding your brand.

To set your account to Public, go to the “Privacy” page in your “Settings and Privacy” and toggle off “Private Account.”

If you feel you are up to the responsibilities involved in professionally promoting your brand on TikTok, it’s time to redesign your account as “Pro.”

1. Go to your profile page and select the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Go to “Manage my Account.”

3. Select “Switch to Pro Account” at the bottom of the page.

4. Designate if your Pro account is Business or Creator.

Are Personal Profile Views Important?

Yes, gaining and keeping up with Personal Profile views is very important.

Besides helping you better understand the trajectory of your brand’s exposure and how to appeal to your audience, analytics provide hard evidence of your brand’s value. Statistics aren’t just for you to see.

Exclusively on the desktop version of the TikTok website, you can download a copy of your Analytics report to share with others.

As a Creator, you can share your Analytics reports with the Creator Fund for a chance at monetization. If you are serious about investing in TikTok, it may be only a matter of time and talent before TikTok invests in you.

As a business, your ability to provide proof of brand growth can persuade advertisers to sponsor you. Your popular content and profile can become a paid format for someone else’s brand.

A Pro account may only have a few unique features, but all can be essential tools in exposing your brand beyond the bounds of TikTok. Take that setting and such Analytics metrics as Personal Profile views seriously.

Are Personal Profile Views Good?

This information is essential to know whether you anticipate using your Personal Profile viewership stats to make money.

As has been said, understanding the non-followers traffic of your profile can help you better understand the appeal of your content.

This and other Analytics information can encourage you to get more serious as a video creator.

The growth of Personal Profile views doesn’t just indicate that you are doing something right with your content and platforms that direct visitors to your TikTok.

If you link other social media accounts or websites, viewers could also be looking at them.

At the very least, continuous measurements in Personal Profile views could project growth in your following. This statistic is even more commercially crucial than non-followers views.

If Personal Profile views don’t seem to translate into Follower growth rates proportionately, you may have trouble retaining your audience.

How to See Personal Profile Views

The metrics for Personal Profile views can be found on your Pro account’s Analytics page.

It is specifically found under the “Traffic Source Types” heading, alongside views from Followers and users who saw your content in the “For You” section.

Analytics also features a wide array of tabs dividing other metrics by elements of your account.

These tabs include Overview (Video views, profile views, likes, shares, etc.), Content (Trending videos, total video views, total like count of a post, etc.), and Followers (Gender demographics, territories, follower activities, etc.)

On the TikTok mobile app, you can access the Analytics page under the Creator Tools tab of the Account page in Privacy and Settings.

On the desktop version of the TikTok website, you can access Analytics simply by hovering over your profile icon in the top right corner of any screen, then clicking “View Analytics” on the ensuing menu.

Again, you can only download a copy of your Analytics report from the desktop version of the page.


A Pro account on TikTok is more than worth investing in the Analytics feature for businesses and content creators.

Understanding the viewing trends of your audience is prospective influencers’ first step toward monetizing their content.

The Personal Profile metric in Analytics can be an essential reflection of how any brand is expanding on and beyond the platform.

Non-followers and non-users finding your goods and services alone can say a lot about your appeal.

This information can be taken to potential investors as evidence of your brand’s value and projected growth.

Of course, this information may also be taken to heart if the statistics are not as promising as you would like. Regularly add content and keep up with trends to get viewer and consumer attention.

More importantly, captivate your audience with personalized trends and regular material. This fleshes out your brand and helps your audience connect to it.

TikTok can be a valuable barometer of where your business is in its profitability.

Still, as much as you should understand the meaning of Analytics metrics like Personal Profile, you should also understand how to grow their measurements with hard, creative work.

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